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India has always been a spiritual master (गुरु) of the whole world. Our saints were writing the Vedas in an early stage where people were just evolving in other parts of the world. India (भारत) is teaching lessons to humanity and singing sweet spiritual melodies to calm down the rage world. In the Globalization era, we are forgetting our sacraments which is not good. Through www.shriharimilan.com we want to wake up people & showcase the importance/power of India’s Vedic & Spiritual Culture.

INTERNET; In Kali Yuga Internet is the very powerful way to promote anything in the entire world. The information about anything can be seen in other parts of the world in few seconds. It is very strong & easy way for gaining popularity in the very short period.

At www.shriharimilan.com; we are inviting to register Pandit Ji (Vedpaathi & Karmkandi Brahmins), Astrologers, Yoga Gurus, Vastu Consultants, Sankirtan/Bhajan Groups, Jagaran Party (Group), Dance Gurus (Teachers), Artists, Sculptors (Murtikaar,) and similar professionals from the whole world.

Currently; above mentioned fields are very much unstructured and not having any common platform like other professions. Here at www.shriharimilan.com, our approach is technical and trying to utilize word "INTERNET" to promote these professions. However, Indian Vedic & Spiritual Culture is very vast and even we can't imagine it's boundaries. With the help of www.shriharimilan.com we are providing a common platform for Great People to connect with society.

We are trying to set a standard through www.shriharimilan.com & provide them a common platform where all can register and utilize the technology to increase their reach.